Aurora Menu Selection

The menus have been specifically designed by our executive chef to suit a large range of tastes and budgets. At Aurora we are as fastidious as you are, not just in the choice of only the best ingredients and the selection of meals, but also in the style of presentation. Choice of menu either on an alternating basis or as a full choice is available. Our beverage selection is also attached these are inclusive of house bottled wines. Other wines are available price on application.


Pre-dinner drinks consisting of sherry, beer, wine soft drinks, mineral water and orange juice.


Minestrone (think country style vegetable soup)

French Onion (garnished with spring onion)

Cream of Tomato (home-made thick & creamy soup)

Cream of Chicken (home-made thick & creamy soup)

Cream of Asparagus (garnished with fine julienne of red capsicum)

Cream of Mushroom (garnished with parsley)

Cream of Pumpkin (home-made thick & creamy)


Cold Appetisers

Aurora Antipasto (a selection of savoury Italian small goods, with garden preserves)

Seafood Cocktail Delight (ocean fresh seafood, served with seafood cocktail sauce)

Avocado Seafood - seasonal dish (avocado centred with seafood mixture with cocktail sauce)

Rockmelon and Prosciutto (melon wrapped in prosciutto and delightfully garnished)

Aurora paté (chefs' chicken liver pate served with toast and garnishing)

Hot Entreés

Chicken Vol au Vent (creamy chicken with vegetables & cheese with a salad garnishing)

Calamari Fritti (calamari rings, fried and served on a bed of lettuce with tartar sauce)

Fried Whiting Fillet (crumbed fillet of whiting with rice, lemon and garnishing)

Skewered Beef Satay (skewers of marinated beef or lamb on rice with julienne of vegetables)


Continental Lasagne (layers of pasta centred with bolognaise and béchamel sauce and cheese)

Vegetarian Lasagne (layers of pasta centred with tomato sauce béchamel and vegetable medley)

Cannelloni (filled with savoury meat or spinach and ricotta centre)

Fettuccine, Penne, Ravioli, Tortellini, Linguini or Farfalle Pasta (served with a selection of sauces)

Bolognaise (traditional style sauce with tomato concasse & beef minced)

Napolitana (tomato concassee, fresh oregano, onions)

Matricianna (bacon, capsicums, onions, chilli, and tomato concasse)

Romano (fresh basil, onion, thick rich tomato concasse)

Alla Pana (cream and mushroom sauce)

Carbonara (bacon, mushroom and cream)

Main Course

Roast Spring Chicken (half roast chicken served with mushroom sauce)

Chicken and Beef (maryland together with a slice of roast beef, with creamy mushroom sauce)

Supreme of Chicken Parmigiana (crumbed breat with mozzarella and napolitana sauce)

Cordon Blue Supreme (crumbed chicken with a centre of ham and cheese, with tomato sauce)

Chicken Satay 'Aurura' (marinated B.B.Q. chicken, served with cream, garlic, and lemon sauce)

Roast Maryland (maryland chicken, marinated, served with mushroom sauce & garnishing)

Chicken Schnitzel (crumbed chicken breast)

Roast Beef Supreme (tender beef roasted to perfection served with mushroom sauce)

Beef or Veal Schnitzel (crumbed tender beef or veal fried, served with tomato or cream sauce)

Roast Pork (generous portions of oven roasted pork served with a creamy apple sauce)

Rack of Lamb (golden rack cooked with honey & rosemary spice glaze)

Beef Pizzaiola (tender beef baked in garlic, parsley, capsicum, white wine, and tomato)

Beef Satay Aurora (tender B.B.Q. beef, marinated with spices, wine onion, and garnished)


Fresh Fruit Salad and Ice Cream


Chocolate or Vanilla Tartufo

Moka Delight Slice

Apple Pie served with Cream or Ice Cream

Traditional Pavlova au fruit


Chocolate Mousse

Bombe Alaska and Cream


Forbidden Apple


Ananas a al aurora (half pineapple flush with fruit salad embellished with strawberry ice cream, cream and a wafer)

Supper Courses

Cheese Platter (local and imported cheese served with crackers and garnished with greens)

Fruit Platter (a fresh selection of seasonal fruit)

Pizza fingers (slices of home-made pizza)

Continental Sausages (continental sausages and onions basted with white wine)

Continental Mini Cakes (a selection of continental mini cakes)

Prawns Platter (a cluster of prawns served on a platter with assorted garnishes)

Extra port to be served with supper by request at extra cost


Tea of coffee served with after dinner mints presented with the compliments of the management.


Selection of red and white wine, soft drinks. During the meal bottled house red and white wine is served with beer, soft drinks with champagne or spumante for toasts.

Port is served with coffee at extra charge. Spirits are available at an extra charge.